Bright Ethics Assessment

Bright Ethics is an independent Ethical Certification available globally to all organisations. Assessment and certification against the standard promotes continuous development through the identification of weaker and stronger areas of ethical impact.

Bright Ethics Assessment

We believe that for an organisation to make a real impact, it needs to look at the whole picture and have the ability to empower positive decision making in every employee.

An ethical organisation as one that has actively demonstrated its real and tangible commitment to reducing its impact on the planet and increasing its positive impact on people and communities. 

The Standard has been developed utilising research into public expectations of business ethics and the activities and perceptions of businesses themselves. 

The Bright Ethics standard covers five main topical areas:

  1. Values & Leadership
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Environmental sustainability
  4. Sourcing with Integrity
  5. Positive Workplace

Assessment is delivered by a skilled team of assessors to deliver a progressive and credible audit against the Bright Ethics Standard. 

  • Improves tender and supply chain opportunities by complying with an ethical standard. 
  • Making a public statement of your ethical approaches will enhance the corporate image of your organisation. 
  • Independent verification of policies and practices to verify compliance gives greater confidence in how you work. 
  • As an ethical organisation, your ability to attract and retain staff will improve. 
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the standard will lead to a reduction in your impact on the environment and aid with the sustainability of your organisation.