BS EN 1090 - Structural Steel

EN 1090 is a series of agreed European Standards for organisations involved in the supply and manufacturing of structural steelwork

BS EN 1090 Structural Steel

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requires that all products carry a legitimate CE Marking. All companies operating within the structural steel market are legally required to be EN 1090 certified. This provides recognition for your business as a competent provider of welded structural steel products.


  • EU recognised standard
  • Certification Accredited by UKAS
  • Demonstrates legal compliance in the EU for CE Marking your products
  • A more in-depth understanding of industry-wide policies and procedures
  • Cost benefits through recognising the importance of resource management and the contracts and collaboration involved in production
  • Continuous improvement through measurement analysis and problem-solving highlighted as a result of the management system

We can also offer a gap analysis as part of a pre-certification audit check, to allow your team to develop an action plan to work towards certification. This is particularly helpful if you have other ISOs in place such as 9001 for Quality or 14001 for Environmental Management.

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Centre for Assessment offers a wide range of training workshops to support your journey towards becoming EN 1090 accredited including The Role of the Responsible Welding Co-ordinator and EN 1090 Awareness training courses.

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