BS 76005 Code of Practice for Valuing People through Diversity and Inclusion

The British Standard in the form of a Code of Practice offers guidance and recommendations on approaches for an organisation to value its people through Diversity and social Inclusion (D&I). 

The standard provides a framework for organisations to use in development of their management system for valuing people through diversity and social inclusion.

The standard is based on four equally valuable principles for valuing D&I:

  • Integration in to the organisations business and commercial relationships.
  • Top management provide continuing support and commitment
  • Being transparent about considering people inside and outside the organisation
  • Considering the organisations working environment

The standard defines requirements for a management system to include, policies, procedures, objectives, practises, behaviours, leadership involvement, a planned approach, operating the management system with monitoring and review leading to improvements.

  • Eliminate or minimises risks from equality issues and compliance with the legislation.
  • Helps an organisation to be more successful in attracting, retaining and developing talent, making it more adaptable and sustainable.
  • Improves decision making by employing better talent.
  • Improving Efficiency – by better enabling the organisation to adapt sensitively in different social markets
  • Assist with attracting business and winning tenders as demonstrates social inclusion
  • Helps individuals to fulfil their capabilities leading to job satisfaction.

We can also offer a gap analysis as part of a pre-certification audit check, to allow your team to develop an action plan to work towards certification. This is particularly helpful if you have other ISOs in place such as 9001 for Quality or 14001 for Environmental Management.

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