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Net Promoter Score ®

What is the Net Promoter Score?

Asking the ultimate question allows an organisation to track it’s “Promoters” and “Detractors” and produce a clear measure of its performance through the customers’ eyes, i.e. its Net Promoter Score®. Research shows that organisations achieving long-term profitable growth have a Net Promoter Score® (NPS) two times higher than average, and that Net Promoter Score leaders  grow at more than twice the rate of competitors.

Net Promoter Score® is the most widely used method of measuring, comparing and growing Customer Loyalty and is based on the fundamental perspective that every organisation’s customers can be divided into three categories:

  1. “Promoters” - loyal enthusiasts who keep buying from you and urge their friends to do the same.
  2. “Passives”  – satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who can be easily wooed by the competition.
  3. “Detractors” – unhappy customers trapped in a bad relationship.

Customers are categorised based on their answer to the ultimate question as shown in the image above

Centre for Assessment have partnered with Insight100 to offer our clients a unique and innovative approach to measuring the loyalty of your customers. The service will not only establish and compare your Net Promoter Score® with world class performers but also give you real insight into WHY you have achieved the score you have and more importantly what you need to do to improve. 


Benefits of our NPS surveys

Our surveys:

  1. Only ask customers to provide feedback on aspects of your product or service that actually matter to them
  2. Only take your customers between 2-3 minutes to complete so have good response rates
  3. Up to5,000 customers can be included in a single survey
  4. Are easy to set up and run – we do all the work for you!
  5. Provide independent, objective & easy to understand feedback
  6. Develop your understanding of the key loyalty drivers amongst you specific customer base
  7. Help quickly and accurately identify areas for improvement
  8. Provide an opportunity to benchmark within your own sector and across other industries



All  our detailed survey reports include:

  1. Your Net promoter Score®
  2. The top 5 things that matter most to YOUR customers
  3. How your customers rate your performance in the areas of most importance to them.
  4. Your Customer Insight Score – in other words, how well your management team understands your customers
  5. Your overall Customer Loyalty Score
  6.  Specific feedback from customers about the areas they want you to improve in
  7. Breakdown of the scores by various customer categories
  8. List of your customers who are “Promoters” and potentially recommend your products and services
  9. List of your customers who are “Detractors” and potentially say negative things about your organisation

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