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For care and support organisations it is particularly crucial to demonstrate that they are operating in the right way when it comes to embracing diversity and social inclusion.

Being able to show that they are ‘practising what they preach’ is why businesses like Active8 Support Services strive to attain new standard BS 76005 Code of Practice for Valuing People through Diversity and Inclusion.

Their assessment was undertaken in July 2017 by Centre For Assessment and covered key areas like leadership and commitment, understanding and assessing the context of an organisation, establishing HR and workforce policies, relationships with customers and clients, and continual improvement.

Active8 Support Services is based in Liverpool, having been formed in May 2006 and its services include: support and accommodation for unaccompanied asylum seeking children; support and accommodation for young homeless people; child contact services; short-breaks support for children with disabilities; family support; parent assessments and several more.

The assessment found that Active8 was strong when it came to the way leadership promoted the culture of diversity and inclusion, as well as the policies and procedures that have been put in place, with staff clearly aware of their common purpose in these areas.

Assessor Michael Lynch said: “Active8 Support Services were clearly focussed on providing the best services for clients through a strong diversity & inclusion approach. Staff that worked for Active8 Support Services came across as being firmly committed to the success of the organisation through the provision of effective services (linked to diversity and inclusion) to the many people that came into contact with them.”

Active8 Support Services General Manager Stan Afflick was delighted with the assessment: “We were very impressed with our recent dealings with CFA. They took the time to get to know our organisation and understand our context and culture.

“They made everyone feel at ease and they challenged us positively to fully embrace the whole exercise - we learned a lot and our business planning will benefit from being assessed. The report was extremely useful.

“We know now that taking part in this assessment process was wise investment which is already paying dividends.”

Find out more about BS 76005 here

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