Bernice trained in Manchester as a Home Economist and moved to London in her twenties, she remained there for ten years, initially researching food and recipe development for Bovril.

Working with Gardner Merchant and Trust House Forte, managing the catering in a boy’s public school, Bernice’s love for cooking grew. Bernice then became a Catering Advisor for a charity that ran care, nursing homes, and day centres for clients with end-of-life infirmities and illness. There, she was responsible for setting up and training staff to use the then-innovative cook-chill food service.

Bernice then returned to Manchester to the role of General Manager at the City of Salford’s major function suites. She then set up her own catering business which she ran for sixteen years and along the way gained qualifications and started training in food safety, allergen awareness, and nutrition.

Because of Bernice’s commercial catering experience, she trains and advises on all aspects of Food Safety, firstly to ensure legislative compliance but secondly to prove, if necessary, due diligence.

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