Mitigate - Risk Management Software
Risk Management & Compliance Solution
Risk Management & Compliance Solution

Software that reduces your business risk through management of company policies, staff training and compliance.

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Product Overview

Mitigate is an innovative internal risk software solution, it calculates and presents your level of internal risk according to a range of metrics, letting you know where to focus your attention in order to strengthen resilience within your workforce.

It is your online tool to manage policy, training, assessment and compliance through:

  1. Policy development
  2. Policy implementation
  3. Employee TrainingAuditing & analysis
  4. Evaluation & updates

Mitigate is already pre-populated with a suite of policies and training for cyber-security that is certified by the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), but it is a solution that can be used across all areas of compliance and quality standards.

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How Does It Work?

You can use the software to populate with your own training programmes and policies, which can be rolled out across your workforce, with the ability to track progress and highlight any issues using the intuitive dashboard.

We can also work with you to develop a training program based on your individual needs. This could support compliance, as part of your L&D strategy or as part of training needs to work towards accreditations.

Features & Benefits
  • An easy-to-use dashboard - record learner progress and motivate employees to complete training.
  • Admin dashboard – high-level perspective for senior managers to analyse and easily report on risk management across the business.
  • In-depth analysis – allowing managers to identify training/knowledge gaps and address them effectively
  • Real-time updates – get up-to-date information on learner activity for an accurate picture of current risk.
  • Single solution - By using centralised software, your business can effectively manage staff training, understanding and report on compliance, in one place.
  • Policy management - easy management of policies and training across all teams and sites in your business using a single solution to track compliance.
  • SaaS solution - Easily scale up and add new members. You will also have access to the latest updates of the software to ensure compliance.
  • Induction cycles can be well managed – centralised up to date policy documents, related training and assessment makes employee onboarding more effective
  • Multiple compliances in one place – use the software to manage all training for employees, including inductions, regulatory training, data management training and more.
  • Regular threat and intelligence updates as part of your subscription – makeing sure you are fully prepared for potential risks
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How does it help me?

Often businesses have little time to invest in infrastructure, which are the foundations of business performance, this SaaS solution allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint areas of weakness within your company, helping you to effectively reduce business risk, reduce costs and make the best use of resources.

80% of risk comes from internal threats due to lack of knowledge, poor understanding of company policy or not knowing what good practices to put in place or develop. 4/10 companies suffer at least one cyber attack per year and last year the average cost of a breach cost £3.5 million.

The interactive dashboard presents real-time measures of both individual and organisational levels of risk, internal compliance and overall resilience.

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