Appraisal Skills

Enhance the motivation and skills of your staff, with quality appraisal techniques

Many appraisal interviews fail to achieve the desirable results. This workshop begins by analysing the best appraisal techniques and shows you how to avoid the basic pitfalls.

This workshop covers
  • How to structure and plan the appraisal
  • How to encourage appraisees to talk openly
  • Measuring efficiency
  • Performance standards and individual targets
  • How to give relevant and constructive feedback
  • Setting realistic and measurable targets
  • Handling negativity
  • Self appraisal techniques
  • Dealing effectively with difficult situations
  • Follow-up procedures after the appraisal
  • Investigate various appraisal templates
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Put people at their ease, by using subtle communication techniques

Appraisals are more effective when we adopt a "coaching" approach. By using conversational techniques whilst using a structured model to keep the meeting focussed the appraisal process will be more effective.

Positive appraisals will improve staff morale

Individuals need to know how they are getting on and to have an opportunity to discuss their work in detail. This workshop will show you how to record information, in order to gain insight into their performance and agree Key Performance Indicators and training development opportunities regardless of whatever appraisal template you currently use.

Help your people to fulfil their potential, by giving constructive feedback

For staff to give total commitment to their work, they need to understand what is expected of them and how they are progressing. During this workshop you’ll discover how to give feedback that gives people a real boost. And importantly have the appraisee take accountability for managing their own performance and training development.

Explore coaching models and the feedforward/feedback approach and how to hold constructive, motivational meetings.

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