Back to work Covid-19 Risk Assessment

The Prime Minister has outlined a change of emphasis in the UK approach to the Covid-19 pandemic, including a phased return to work for many of us.  Centre for Assessment is here to help you develop an appropriate Risk Assessment plan for a safe back to work strategy for your business or organisation.

We have produced a Risk Assessment template and a guidance document, including reference to the 8 work settings defined by the Government. You can download both documents for free here:

FREE Covid-19 Back to Work Risk Assessment Template

FREE Covid-19 Back to Work Risk Assessment Guidance


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COVID-19: Return to work
Back to Work Covid-19 Risk Assessment
The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) states that ‘Employers must protect the health, safety and welfare at work of all their employees, as well as others on their premises, including temps, casual workers, the self-employed, clients, visitors and the general public.

The Government has announced that any employer with more than 50 members of staff is required to not only complete a Risk Assessment, but also to publish it.

Our template and guidance documents should help you begin to address your risk assessment needs, whatever the size of your business and whatever of the Government's 8 work settings you operate in.  Download them for free here:

FREE Covid-19 Back to Work Risk Assessment Template

FREE Covid-19 Back to Work Risk Assessment Guidance

Once you have populated your Risk Assessment and have implemented the necessary controls, you may choose to download the Government’s compliance poster.  This can be displayed on your premises to show interested parties that you have made appropriate preparations.  Find it here

Additional guidance from the Government can be found here.

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Coaching
If you need assistance with completing our risk assessment template or have concerns about the best course of action for your organisation, we can help you.

Draw on the knowledge and experience of our team of coaches, who will help you to not only identify the risks to your interested parties but also to consider appropriate control measures.

We recognise that every business is different, and this facilitated discussion is designed to enable you to personalise your risk assessment and develop controls which are appropriate for your business, whether you are a hairdressing salon, a garage, a Solicitor’s office, a large manufacturing facility – or anything in between.

To book a one-hour coaching session with an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly specialist, please click on the 'Book Now' button in the blue box at the top right of this page.


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Centre for Assessment is committed to supporting you during the current crisis and beyond.

We offer certification to a number of internationally-recognised Standards as well as workshops designed to help you address the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

All our services can be delivered remotely or, when lockdown measures are eased further, at your premises.

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