Business Negotiations

This course is for individuals within any role looking to improve their negotiation skills.

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This workshop covers:
  • The concept of negotiation- what is it all about?
  • The process of negotiation- the key stages
  • Pre-negotiation preparation
  • Negotiation styles
  • Adopting a collaborative approach
  • Opening positions - the different starting points
  • Propositions and concessions
  • Body language - what people are really saying
  • Avoiding emotional responses - stay cool
  • Create value, understand the business drivers and prevent deadlock
  • Bargain - resolution
  • Gain agreement - implement the course of action

A win-win result, will secure long-term success and increase business.

Whether you are seeking resources for your project or team, deciding on a new hire's salary or making a sales deal. Your success depends on your personal skills as a negotiator.

This is a skill set that few of us can afford to forego and although a part of every day life, many of us still need to develop effective negotiation techniques in order to reach a win-win situation.

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Find out more:


Influence the outcome, by understanding the negotiating process

Effective results begin with good planning. Top negotiators plan the discussion within a framework of clear targets, limits, outcomes and implications.


Perceive and react effectively to hidden agendas

Successful negotiations rely on understanding the motivation of the other side. Expert negotiators combine tactical questioning and analysis of non-verbal communication, to identify the ‘real’ agenda.


Direct and control negotiations, in order to avoid deadlock

Inexperienced negotiators often have unrealistic expectations. This workshop guides you through predictable problems – and shows you how to deal with each of them, to prevent deadlock.


Develop tactics to achieve mutual satisfaction - and secure future success

The best negotiations lead to a win-win result. This workshop shows you the secrets of how to adopt a collaborative style of negotiating, that cements working relations and leads to long-term mutual success.