Business Skills

At Centre for Assessment, we provide specialist training to help you and your employees develop the skills you need to thrive.

  • Business Training

    Learn how to write clear and concise reports that are relevant, logical and accurate.

    Your written communication says everything about your organisation. This practical workshop begins by analysing five vital barriers that prevent successful communication between writers and their readers.

  • Business Training

    Learn how to communicate with greater confidence and assertiveness to help you influence others.

    This workshop is designed to promote positive and persuasive communications in both the written and spoken form.  It also promotes a reader/receiver-centric approach to communications, to enable you to ensure that the messages you send are received in the intended manner.

  • Business Training

    Whether you are seeking resources for your project or team, agreeing a salary or making a sales deal, your success depends on your personal skills as a negotiator.

    Successful negotiations end with a win-win result, securing long-term success and improved business relationships. Negotiation includes a skill set that few of us can afford to forego and, although part of everyday life, many of us still need to develop effective techniques in order to reach a positive outcome.

  • Business Training

    This two-day workshop will help you deal with nerves and speak with confidence and conviction, so your message is heard loud and clear.

    The best presenters gear their presentations to the needs of their audience. They begin by identifying the objectives, key ideas and benefits - a task which isn't always as straightforward as you might think.

  • Business Training

    When you're under pressure and have a demanding workload, it can feel overwhelming. This course will help you identify your real priorities and achieve better results through improved time-management.

    Time-management problems often begin when people take on too much. Effective use of your time and scheduling your tasks requires a clear understanding of your role, your objectives and what is required of you.

  • Business Training

    Whether you're delivering training internally or externally, you want to be sure that your learners will put their training into practice.

    Improve the effectiveness of training in your business with our 'Train the Trainer' programme. The course will help you understand how people learn, so people enjoy your course and go away with the knowledge they need.

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