Time Management

When you're under pressure and have a demanding workload, it can feel overwhelming.

This course will help you identify your real priorities and achieve better results through improved time-management.

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Time Management
Course overview
Time-management problems often begin when people take on too much. Effective use of your time and scheduling your tasks requires a clear understanding of your role, your objectives and what is required of you.

This training session focuses on the following key areas.

·       Key results - what are your real priority areas?

·       Goal setting and the 80/20 rule

·       The ten most common time-management mistakes

·       Examining your time-wasters and time-stealers, and how to reduce them

·       How to handle interruptions and unexpected problems

·       Saying 'yes' to the person but 'no' to the task

·       Productivity vs pressure; efficiency vs effectiveness.


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Features and Benefits

We can deliver this course remotely or visit your premises.  Delegates will receive a certificate of completion after the course.

On this course, you will learn how to:
  • take control of your to-do list
  • get things done without feeling stressed
  • practise time-management tools and techniques
  • explore the art of delegation
  • remain calm under pressure.
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Who should attend?
Anyone who works in a pressurised environment and is looking to improve their time-management skills should take part in the course.
  • Prioritising and delegating key tasks: Many people believe it's quicker to do tasks themselves.  This workshop explores how delegating will benefit you and your colleagues.
  • Reducing time spent on paperwork, meetings and solving other people's problems: Good time managers apply 'lean methodologies and prioritise what is urgent and important.  They then save time through good planning and by managing distractions.
  • Remaining calm under pressure: Stress-related problems cost the UK economy over £7 billion each year.  This workshop will show you how to make the most of positive stress, and suggest ways of reducing negative stress.
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