Competence Management System

How do you drive efficiency, maximise investment and minimise skill gaps?

Effective talent management and talent development contributes directly to the financial performance of an organisation. The focus of talent management should be on the assessment of the competencies (skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics) the organisation needs to implement its strategy, and planning for the recruitment, selection, development, and management of that critical talent.

Is your business interested in:
  • Building and sustaining capability?
  • Building and sharing knowledge in line with business needs?
  • Developing and engaging top talent?
  • Supporting and developing a high performance culture or an agile and resilient, innovative workforce?

Knowing how to effectively invest in competence development can significantly boost your bottom line. We can assist you to understand:

  • the benefits of a capability management framework
  • how to approach the introduction of a capability management system
  • how to improve your existing capability management system
Find out more:

What will I achieve?

You will learn the models and frameworks to effectively develop appropriate competences and capabilities at all levels of your organisation.

This will enable you to choose the best and most effective way to train and develop a higher skilled workforce to take your business to the next level.

All delegates will receive a current-state audit on the day to take away for further consideration.

Where’s the best place to start? Attend this event, learn about the models and frameworks to effectively develop appropriate capabilities at all levels of your organisation and undertake a Current State Analysis to ascertain how good your current process is.

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