Customer Care

Quality customer care can double your turnover. This course will teach you key questioning and listening skills which will resolve issues and encourage repeat business.

You’ll also explore why your customers are vital, what they actually buy and what great customer care truly means.

Booking info:

·       1 day

·       £249 plus vat

·       9:30am - 4:30pm

·       Manchester

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When you work in customer care, it’s important that you’re empathetic, able to solve problems and can sell effectively. This course will help you to do all of this, and much more.

You’ll cover the following key topics:

·       Why customer care is the key business issue of today

·       Understanding customer needs and expectations

·       Perception and first impressions

·       Nine avoidable upsets- how to prevent them

·       Internal customer care

·       How customer care encourages repeat business

Why attend

Not only will this course help you to sell more, it will also help you to gain a fantastic reputation for your business – leading to repeat customers and new business.

The workshop would be ideal for people in roles similar to the below:

·       Customer Advisor

·       Customer Service Representative

·       Customer Care Assistant

Features and benefits
  • Boosting turnover: Discover ten reasons why quality customer care can double your turnover
  • Prioritising customer care: Learn easy-to-use skills that can make exceptional customer care a reality in your company
  • Communication: Learn the art of communicating a positive image in order to generate more business
  • Questioning and listening: Find out how to ask the right questions and listen to your customer – which increases your chance of generating a sale
Further training

At Centre for Assessment, we offer a range of training courses aimed at people who work in customer service roles. Here are just some of our other workshops which you might find useful:

·       Telesales Techniques

·       Consultative Sales Skills

·       An Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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