Effective Telesales Techniques

This course is for individuals in a sales or customer service role.

Understanding customer needs is the cornerstone of selling

Nearly all sales people have excellent product knowledge. Yet many don’t appreciate customer needs and therefore fail to maximise business. This workshop introduces you to clever questioning skills that enable you to identify customer requirements and link features to benefits.

Know how to structure your call

If you have a destination but don’t know how to get there, the likelihood is you will never reach that destination. This workshop looks at structuring a sales call to ensure that you reach your desired destination. Plan what you want from the call.

A simple, but amazingly powerful way, of matching solutions to needs

Professional telephone sales people sell solutions that fulfil customer needs. During this course you’ll discover a simple way to link features and benefits and to identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. You’ll also learn how to master this skill, in order to sell with confidence, like a true professional.

Learn how to effectively deal with gatekeeper resistance (you need patience to 'land a fish')

Most organisations will have a system for filtering calls, and many sales people find that making initial contact with the decision maker is the hardest part of the sale. This workshop looks at innovative techniques for intelligence gathering and working professionally with the gatekeeper to make contact with the all important decision maker. Don't sell to the 'wrong' person.

How to overcome objections with confidence

Many vital sales are lost because people don’t handle objections successfully. This seminar teaches you the most common objections and shows you how to handle them with confidence – in order to achieve the best results.

Develop your ability to help your customers say 'yes'.

This workshop shows you how to plan and demonstrate value to existing and prospective clients to help you increase your sales by phone and/or get that appointment.

This workshop covers:
  • Identify and overcome your self-limiting beliefs
  • Explore advanced sales communications
  • Define your business's key messages and focus on the customer not the product
  • Convert features into benefits
  • Define your 'Elevator pitch' and present correctly
  • Identify the 'real' decision maker
  • Practice techniques for dealing with gatekeeper resistance
  • Demonstrate how to confidently gain commitment
  • Generate quality appointments
  • Handle objections
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