EDI: Policies & Principles

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principles are now front and centre of any successful business or organisation.

This interactive workshop will give you an overview of EDI, helping you understand what needs to be done to ensure your organisation is not only compliant with legislation, but is also able to champion every aspect of its people.

In-Company Workshop

Available for up to 12 delegates.

Duration: 1 day
Cost: POA
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Course overview
The Equality Act (2010) identifies 9 protected characteristcs that form the basis of fair and equitable workplaces. Over the past ten years, thinking around the subject of equality has developed significantly.

This course will help you explore what EDI really means and how it relates to the objectives of your business.  It will help you identify your current relationship with key EDI themes, look at your future strategy and challenge leaders to take appropriate action.

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Who should attend?
If you have responsibility for EDI policy, lead EDI initiatives or have an interest in finding out more about the subject, this course may interest you.

The programme will help you to:

  • explore the terms 'quality', 'diversity' and 'inclusion'
  • reflect on how EDI concepts sit within your organisation context
  • look at your current strengths and areas to develop
  • challenge misconception, prejudice and bias
  • onboard colleagues to effective EDI attitudes and behaviours
  • prepare, implement and draw together EDI initiatives


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