HR Skills for Line Managers

Increase staff performance and productivity, with quality human resource skills

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This workshop covers
  • R. Management – the current legal framework
  • Legal pitfalls to be avoided
  • How H.R. impacts on the bottom line
  • Recruitment and selection techniques
  • Disciplinary or Capability?
  • Difficult meetings – a structured approach
Attract new talent, in order to enhance performance

The selection and appointment of new employees impacts directly on the organisation’s performance. This workshop will give you a concise overview of all the key stages of recruitment and selection.

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Intergenerational Management

For perhaps the first time in history, it is not unusual to encounter four generations participating in the workforce simultaneously. Navigating the differences is forcing managers to up their game, turning from one-size-fits-all techniques to management philosophies tailored to the new intergenerational office.

An engaged workforce pays off.  Learn how managers need to view each generation of workers.

Collaboration with an engaged workforce are key to overcoming difficulties from intergenerational employees.

It’s true that a highly-engaged employees outperform companies with less-engaged workers.

Retain good staff, to maintain and improve efficiency

An effective induction process is an essential tool in staff retention as is a structured performance management process. Effectively introducing people to your organisation and getting them to work to their full potential in a short as time as possible will make a positive impact on your business far more quickly.

Handle conflict, in a confident and positive way

Dealing with performance management requires precise expertise and recognising whether it is a disciplinary or a capability issue. The day concludes with a look at the skills needed to investigate and conduct successful meetings.

Understand new legislation and how it affects your role

Every line manager should have a thorough appreciation of the latest employment legislation. This workshop refers to new legislation and updates on how it impacts directly on the organisation.

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