Leadership & Management

Our Leadership & Management training can help you to build stronger teams, transition from colleague to manager, and progress your career prospects as a leader within your organisation.

  • Business Training

    Develop your skills as a team leader and get the most out of your people with this interactive, practical workshop.

    The best team leaders understand how successful teamwork can achieve strong results. Whether you are creating or inheriting a team, effective induction, coaching and the support of self-development are essential to get the most out of your people. Team unity comes from strong, flexible leadership and this workshop will help you understand how to play to your team's strength, helping your organisation achieve its ambition.

  • Business Training

    Learn how to use coaching techniques and constructive feedback to ensure your team performs at its best.

    Your staff are your most important asset. This course will help you get the most out of your team and the individuals within it. Effective team leaders need to be able to develop others. Practical Leadership will help you recognise the difference between coaching and training and know when each is appropriate, making use of constructive feedback.

  • Learn to manage the challenges you face as a workplace leader, particularly when dealing with staff.

    This one-day interactive, practical workshop focuses on key tools and best practice techniques essential for people manager. The learning will help you make the transition from colleague to manager as smooth as possible. With many years of experience delivering leadership and management training, our trainer will use real life insights to bring the session to life.

  • Learn key tools and best practice techniques essential for people managers.

    Most teams fail to meet their objectives because managers spend too much time doing and not enough time leading. To avoid this pitfall, this course will teach you about the key elements of strong leadership and management, and the need for both in high-performing teams.

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