Building Stronger Teams

Develop your skills as a team leader and get the most out of your people with this interactive, practical workshop.

A one-day course that's been developed over the years to provide up-to-date and extensive team-building skills.

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Stronger Teams
Course overview
The best team leaders understand how successful teamwork can achieve strong results.

Whether you are creating or inheriting a team, effective induction, coaching and the support of self-development are essential to get the most out of your people.  Team unity comes from strong, flexible leadership and this workshop will help you understand how to play to your team's strength, helping your organisation achieve its ambition.

Full of expert insights, best practice techniques and engaging discussion, Building Stronger Teams will enable to explore and enhance your skills as an aspiring, new or experienced team leader.

There are two options for you to complete this course.  You can either book a place on our open virtual training course or arrange delivery of the workshop to a group of delegates at your organisation.  Get in touch with us and we will work with your needs and preferences.

All delegates will be provided with a digital certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


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What will you learn?
The content of this interactive workshop includes:
  • understanding your organisation's requirements in relation to team performance
  • knowing what makes teams effective
  • bringing together people with different skillsets and varied personalities to work towards common goals
  • key elements of effective team integration and support systems
  • understanding the reasons for underperformance and the techniques for managing it
  • knowing how to set expectation and deliver constructive feedback
  • using direct coaching techniques to enable individuals to fulfil their potential
  • exploring indirect coaching techniques to support self-development
  • working to and building on individuals' strengths
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Who is the course suitable for?
If you are new to management or want to improve your effectiveness as a leader, this course is for you.

Whether you are building a team from scratch, chairing a working party or project, recruiting, expanding or reducing your team, Building Stronger Teams has content that will be relevant and engaging for you.

With real lie examples and an introduction to renowned theories and leadership models, the course will help you become the very best people manager that you can be.

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