Consultative Selling Skills

Learn how to identify the needs of your customers and win more business as a result.

This one-day workshop is available in-company, for up to 12 delegates.

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Consultative Selling
Course overview
Consultative sales is about strategic questioning, building rapport and providing solutions for decision-makers.

This one-day course will help you realise the full potential of the partnership between you and your customers, including:

Diagnostic techniques: explore a consultative sales model that shows you how clever observation, subtle questioning and active listening can help you gain vital information and keep you closer to your customer.

Relationship management: consultative sales professionals continually review their relationship with customers, reflecting changes in what is important to them.  Be cler about the potential of each client, use your time wisely and build this into your sales strategy.

Advanced communications: focus on the importance of personal presentation, body language and personality when building a strong rapport and managing relationships.  From designing and presenting solutions, to advanced positioning of key messages to gain commitment, this workshop will help you get the most from your clients.

Secrets of 'social-style' selling: customers vary in terms of their personality, communication style, behaviour, thought processes and approaches to making decisions.  Consultative sales professionals understand the customer's social style and adapt their approach accordingly.

All delegates will be provided with a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


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What will you learn?
The content of this interactive workshop includes:
  • being clear about what defines a 'key account'
  • exploring techniques to get high-level 'buy in'
  • SWOT analysis and unique advantages
  • sales strategies
  • researching the customer profile to maximise business
  • planning and preparing customer contact
  • communicating assertively
  • establishing explicit needs
  • building profitable partnerships
  • creating effective proposals
  • improving your presentation skills
  • appealing to different decision-making styles
  • holding productive meetings
  • agreeing a future strategy
  • learning how to build strong relationships with customers and clients.
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Who is the course suitable for?
This workshop is ideal for account managers and consultative sales associates, advisors and executives.

If you are looking to improve your skills at building sales relationships, managing customer accounts and collaborating with decision makers, Consultative Selling Skills may be just what you are looking for.

To learn more about whether this course is right for you, or to discuss arrangements for an in-company training session, get in touch and a member of our Business Development team will be delighted to talk to you.


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