Telesales Techniques

Designed for people in sales or customer service roles, this course will help you to hit your targets and boost your sales. 

This workshop shows you how to focus on the customer and demonstrate value to existing and prospective clients - so you can close more deals. You’ll develop your ability to sell professionally and with confidence.

Booking info: 


·       1 day 

·       £249 plus VAT

·       9:30am - 4:30pm 

·       Manchester

Payment Options: When checking out, you can either pay upfront or request an invoice to be sent to you to pay later.  


Understanding customers’ needs is a crucial aspect of selling. If you don’t take the time to get to know them and find out exactly what they’re looking for, you could be missing out on business.

This one-day course will help you to build those all-important rapports with your customers, and help them to say ‘yes’ to the products and services that you’re offering to them.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and overcome your self-limiting beliefs
  • Explore advanced sales communications
  • Define your business’ key messages and focus on the customer not the product
  • Convert features into benefits
  • Define your 'elevator pitch' and present correctly
  • Identify the 'real' decision maker
  • Practice techniques for dealing with gatekeeper resistance
  • Demonstrate how to confidently gain commitment
  • Generate quality appointments
  • Handle objections
Why attend

By attending this workshop, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to generate more sales, meet (and even exceed) your targets and develop strong relationships with your customers. We’ll help you to convert every call into a successful sale, so you can maximise profits for your business.

The workshop would be suitable for anyone in a sales or customer service role, including; telesales assistant/executive, customer service advisor, salesperson and call centre operators.

Features and benefits

This workshop shows you how to plan and demonstrate value to existing and prospective clients to help you increase your sales by phone and/or get that appointment. Learn how to:

  • How to question: This workshop introduces you to clever questioning skills that enable you to identify customer requirements and link features to benefits.
  • Call structure: You’ll learn how to structure sales calls in a way that helps you to achieve the best outcomes, and be shown how to effectively identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell.
  • Dealing with the gatekeeper: Most organisations will have a system for filtering calls, and many salespeople find that making initial contact with the decision-maker is the hardest part of the sale. This workshop looks at innovative techniques for intelligence gathering and working professionally with the gatekeeper to make contact with the all-important decision-maker – so you’re not selling to the wrong person.
  • Handling objections: We’ll also show you the best way to deal with objections and hesitations, so you don’t lose out on business.
Further training

Here at Centre for Assessment, we offer a range of other workshops which can help you to take your sales activity to the next level.

Other courses which may be of interest to you include:

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