This Standard is soon to be withdrawn and replaced with ISO 30415. If you're interested in Diversity and Inclusion certification visit the ISO 30415 page

Valuing People Through Diversity and Inclusion

‘Equality’, ‘Diversity’ & ‘Inclusion’ can no longer be viewed as fashionable buzz words, part of inconvenient legislative requirements or someone else’s responsibility. Instead, EDI is an integral feature of any responsible business or organisation. British Standard 76005, part of the innovative ‘Valuing People’ suite of quality marks, recognises organisations who believe that human capital as the most valuable resource available.


Introduced as recently as 2017, the British Standard for Valuing People through Diversity & Inclusion is a code of practice for any organisation that wants to ensure that it treats all its people with dignity and equity. Focusing on every aspect of an employee’s association with an organisation – recruitment, retention, redeployment and retirement – the framework promotes a holistic view of what fairness and respect should look like.

Although the Equality Act (2010) ensures those with protected characteristics are guarded against discrimination, BS76005 goes further. Challenging conscious and unconscious bias, meeting employees at their point of need and creating an environment in which all can thrive, the framework ensures Diversity & Inclusion is at the forefront of any strategic plan.

For those organisations that want to implement and develop workplace diversity & inclusion, Centre for Assessment provides certification to the British Standard, recognising best practice and providing areas for further development.

Who is this for?

Although BS76005 is available to any organisation, in any sector, beyond that of a sole trader, the framework is particularly useful for those who already pay attention to Diversity & Inclusion issues or have an ambition to do so. If your company or organisation believes in the intrinsic value of all its people and wants to demonstrate this, while committing to a strategy of continuous improvement, this British Standard may be right for you.

Many organisations have already achieved certification to BS76005 and report of the way it has driven a developing culture of true inclusion across all stakeholder groups.

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BS76005 can be offered as a joint assessment with other Standards in the ‘Valuing People’ suite (BS76000 and/or PD76005). It is also a useful addition if you have Customer Service Excellence or Lexcel with Centre for Assessment.

Features and benefits

Most people would agree that paying attention to the Diversity & Inclusion agenda is an ethical imperative. In a society that intends to become evermore tolerant of diversity, BS76005 is a guide to including everyone. Additionally, there is a proven business case for developing a true EDI policy. Some of the benefits that certification may bring include:

  • attracting the best talent to your organisation;
  • embracing diverse views, backgrounds and aspirations;
  • improving staff retention;
  • developing leadership behaviours that focus on the centricity of human capital resources;
  • engaging a workforce which has its value truly recognised;
  • increasing morale by recognising and integrating difference;
  • demonstrating positivity towards your people and their value;
  • developing an understanding of employee capability, skills, experiences and potential;
  • building productive relationships with all stakeholders to achieve your objectives;
  • acting as a beacon for others in and beyond your sector;
  • ensuring compliance with legislation and reducing risks associated with non-compliance.
How we can help

Completing an assessment by CfA will give you a valuable response to your position against the British Standard. Following a successful assessment, you will be given certification to demonstrate that you are an organisation committed to Diversity & Inclusion.

Prior to your assessment, we can provide all the support and guidance you need, including an informal meeting with a member of our Business Development team to evaluate your requirements or a full gap analysis. Most importantly, we want to make sure that an assessment will add value to your activities and enhance alignment with relevant D&I issues in your context.

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