Modern Slavery Assessment

This one-day service supports your business to understand the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act, evaluating activity already underway and advising you on any improvements needed.


If your business has a global turnover of £36m or above and carries out business activities in the UK, the Modern Slavery Act requires you to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement every year. The statement must set out the steps your business has taken to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in your operations or supply chains.

What is modern slavery?

Modern Slavery is a term that encompasses the crimes of slavery, servitude, forced labour, and human trafficking. Effectively, it describes any situation where a victim is deprived of their freedom for another person’s gain. There is a risk of forced labour or trafficking taking place anywhere in your business or supply chains where typically young or unskilled workers, migrants or displaced persons could be vulnerable to exploitation. This might be in product supply chains from raw materials to final production factories, or in contract services, such as cleaning agencies, catering or distribution.

Features and benefits

The benefits of assessment

Supports key personnel in your business to understand the requirements of the legislation
Evaluates the steps your business has already taken to mitigate modern slavery risks
Provides your businesses with a draft slavery and human trafficking statement for you to edit as well as a report with recommended next steps to help safeguard your business

Your business can respond to customer expectation to manage human rights in your operations and supply chains

Additional services

We can also provide additional support to your business to help strengthen your approach to managing modern slavery risks and promoting better conditions for workers in your supply chain. This includes strategy and policy development, designing and implementing due diligence procedures, training, programme management, and stakeholder engagement.

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