10 Steps to becoming Cyber resilient

Most legal practices have yet to get to grips with the idea of “cyber resilience” but it is a strength that they urgently need to acquire now..

The increasingly high profile threat of security breaches, such as the attack on Mossack Fonseca and extensive breaches reported more widely in the legal sector, are holding many back from introducing innovative working practices that can improve their performance and future prospects.

It shouldn’t be that way. Law firms need to become confident that they are as safe and secure as they can be, understanding the risks and knowing the boundaries that can’t be crossed, but at the same time, pushing their deployment of IT up to safe margins within those limits.

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One of the most effective ways of becoming more cyber resilient would be to consider formalising systems by implementing ISO 27001. ISO 27001 certification ensures that your company information is secured by providing a tailored system framework; continually maintained & improved to keep up with new threats.

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