Centre for Assessment and Assessment Legal successfully audit 100 firms using LEAP BPS

Centre for Assessment and Assessment Legal successfully audit 100 firms using LEAP BPS

Centre for Assessment and Assessment Legal have been working together to audit and accredit 100 Legal firms using LEAP Legal Software – a cloud-based platform that helps law firms streamline conveyancing processes with online case management.

The LEAP Best Practice Standard provides a framework for excellence in conveyancing. By achieving this quality mark, law firms are demonstrating compliance through a commitment to best practice.

Working with Assessment Legal Ltd, the CFA team have helped develop the methodology to carry out remote on-line auditing for LEAP clients against the LEAP Best Practice Standard for Conveyancing as part of their subscription.  The unique approach offers law firms a robust non-intrusive audit, sampling a range of client files without interrupting day to day business.

In so doing, the team can provide each LEAP BPS firm with audits throughout the year and prepare a report detailing compliance as well as opportunities for improvement. These quarterly audits can then be used by the firm to make continuous process improvements and to demonstrate their commitment to service excellence.

Tim Prior, LLB, CFIRM, Solicitor, lead auditor at Assessment Legal Ltd said “Assessment Legal has developed a methodology for online auditing of LEAP BPS using cloud technology to access firms directly. Our quarterly audit reports have been very well received by LEAP BPS members even when the results have not been as positive as firms would have liked.  This is the first time that remote auditing has been undertaken in conjunction with the Centre for Assessment.”

Having audited over 100 LEAP BPS law firms in the past 12 months indicates that this is a growing area for the legal sector and that utilising technology like cloud solutions are having a positive impact on how law firms better manage their cases, whilst also improving efficiency and reducing risk. Craig Taylor Client Relationships Manager at LEAP said “ We are delighted that such an important milestone for the first 100 BPS firms has just now been reached.  We look forward to many more firms joining LEAP BPS to benefit from this important audit service”.

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