Cyber attack: how would 007 do it?

Law firms are more alert than ever to the dangers of cybercrime and are increasingly protecting their IT systems. But even firms that have done their utmost to secure their IT systems against cyber-attack are vulnerable to a new threat.

Organised criminal groups (OCGs) habitually use social engineering - the process of carrying out detailed research on key staff members via social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - in order to commit frauds and scams. Typically, this takes the form of a 'spear phishing attack', where a spoof email purporting to come from a boss, or some other trusted senior individual, is sent to a staff member, requesting passwords, or even large cash transfers for operational purposes.

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Centre for Assessment are currently offering training which looks at a Legal Practices responsibilities to protect data and the threats they face from cyber-attack. It is appropriate for those that wish to gain an in-depth and more practical understanding of what they need to do to protect data and the threats they may face from a possible cyber-attack.