Nanyang Polytechnic visit Centre for Assessment!

Nanyang Polytechnic visited the UK where they embarked on a journey to explore the benefits of Customer Service Excellence..

Nanyang Polytechnic are an Educational faculty from Singapore who provide quality education and training to prepare students and adult learners for work and life, equipping them to be life-long learners and to contribute to the technological, economic and social development of Singapore.

Henry Heng, Daniel Liu and Jessie Goh visited the UK where they embarked on a journey to explore the benefits of Customer Service Excellence, using Centre for Assessment as their benchmark. This enabled them to gain further knowledge on the CSE framework and to understand the assessment process behind it.

Their journey comprised of making stops at some of the UK’s most popular universities, including Manchester MMU and Leeds Beckett. This allowed them to witness first -hand the standard being put into practise as both of these Universities have been accredited by Centre for Assessment for Customer Service Excellence.

As a result of Nanyang Polytechnic’s visit to the UK, Centre for Assessment will be able to provide accreditation for their organisation whilst exploring the potential network of similar organisations in Singapore who are interested in CSE.

Daniel Liu, Deputy Director at Quality and Planning Office expressed his thoughts on what proved to be a positive meeting between both parties.

“We were highly impressed by the thorough processes and stringent criteria that offer a practical tool that drives customer focused change within organisations. The informative sharing made valuable use of our limited time.”

For more information on the standard, or if you are interested in obtaining Customer Service Excellence, please get in touch.

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