Teach A Man To Fish In 2022: Train The Trainer

Do your training resources need a boost? Your first instinct may be to call for reinforcements. But hiring new personnel can be costly, and might not be a necessary (or effective) way to upskill your staff.

Investing in your existing people can be much more advantageous. By training your trainers, your organisation has the opportunity to experience a whole host of benefits, including saving money.

Here, we discuss the topic in more detail, and outline how our course can help your business thrive.


What does ‘train the trainer’ mean?

Upskilling staff is essential to any organisation. If employees aren’t developing over time, then neither will your business. While this may seem self-explanatory, it’s often overlooked by leaders and decision makers when it comes to their actual training staff. Put it this way, it might be up to internal and external trainers to ensure the professional development of other employees – but who’s teaching them?

Many companies resort to hiring or even replacing training staff to improve their resources. But shouldn’t they get the chance to develop their trade too? In fact, by upskilling your current trainers, you could enhance your business in more ways than you might imagine.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of training the trainer go way beyond upskilling your other staff members. Plus points include:

Achieving business goals

With more effective training, your team will be better equipped to go above and beyond. In the short term, this contributes towards client wins and internal efficiency. Down the line, you’ll consistently reach business goals and growth targets. 

Attracting and retaining talent

One of the main things current and potential employees look for is opportunities for career development. By giving staff and training personnel the chance to improve their skills, you create a positive working environment that people want to be a part of.

Reducing costs

Choosing to invest in your training staff is much more cost-efficient than taking on new personnel. While these hires may be experienced, they don’t know the business like your current people. Developing their skills can help you assess if you do need to spend money on reinforcements.


What does the course involve?

Train the Trainer is a programme designed to improve the effectiveness of your organisation’s training. The two-day practical workshop strengthens your ability to motivate, engage and upskill employees by covering the following areas:

  • The learning process and how people learn

  • How to perform a training needs analysis

  • Establishing training objectives to ensure the success of your training sessions

  • Powerful techniques to enhance your skills and confidence

  • The vital tools behind every successful training session – and how to use them


Why choose Centre for Assessment?

Centre for Assessment is a specialist certification and training body with extensive expertise in delivering a range of programmes. From business skills and customer service, to ISO and leadership, our professionals combine a mix of experience with a personable and friendly approach to get your organisation where it needs to be.


Sign up for our Train the Trainer course here. Or for more information, call us on 0161 237 4080 or email our team at sales@centreforassessment.co.uk.

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