The Government estimates that UK business can save £55 billion by taking simple, cost effective actions to use resources more efficiently. Nearly half of this can be achieved by implementing measures that cost nothing or pay back in less than a year.

With this in mind, Centre for Assessment are working together with Business Growth Hub, after launching their Green Growth Pledge to encourage businesses across Greater Manchester to tap into this significant cost-saving opportunity.

Those committing to become holders of standards such as ISO 50001, Carbon Action and ISO 14001 can all take the pledge and existing holders of the standard are also being encouraged to sign up.


By providing a range of simple, easy-to-follow commitments to improve resource efficiency and become more sustainable, the online scheme helps companies to reduce costs and environmental impact whilst raising their corporate profile in the process.

Companies can choose from a host of different categories that suit their business activity and experience, giving them a launch pad to research further opportunities and next steps as they improve.

The Pledge can also be used to log actions that are being taken to become more sustainable, making it a useful resource for recording current achievements as well as committing to new ones.


Richard Jeffery, Director of Business Growth Hub said: “We’ve launched the Green Growth Pledge to give companies a platform to shout about all the great things they’re doing to be efficient and sustainable businesses.

“It doesn’t matter what size or sector your business is in – the opportunity to promote what you do and stand out from the competition should always be welcomed.”

By making their Pledge public, companies have the opportunity to stand out in their field and become more competitive in areas where ‘green credentials’ are vital to securing new business.

Put simply, it is a clear message to customers, stakeholders and the wider business community that action is being taken to become a cleaner and greener business.

Launch pad

“When it comes to accessing public sector and blue chip contracts in particular, the ability to demonstrate your green credentials is now a core necessity, and the bar will only be raised higher in future”, added Jeffery.

“But the Green Growth Pledge goes beyond this. Across 14 separate business areas, it lists over 50 opportunities for you to not only demonstrate your credentials, but get ideas on what you can do next to reduce costs, maximise profitability and become more sustainable.”

Pledges can be made in areas as diverse as lighting, heating, fuel and water use and the reduction of raw materials in production, as well as more general issues such as writing an environmental policy or engaging staff.

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