Customer Service Excellence
Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a nationally-recognised quality mark designed to identify best practice and drive customer-focused change. It is a framework to evaluate the quality of the customer experience and provides a positive steer for improvements to services.
What is Customer service Excellence?
Customer Service Excellence helps organisations put the customer at the forefront of their business.  Certification is based on a robust assessment of 57 elements, grouped in five criteria:
  1. Customer insight
  2. Culture of the organisation
  3. Information and access
  4. Delivery
  5. Timelines and Quality of service

Through formal certification, organisations begin by self-assessing their capability and explore new skills aligned to a comprehensive measurement of customer satisfaction.

Who is this certification for?

Customer Service Excellence is available to any organisation, of any size and in any sector. It is particularly relevant to organisations that want to gain recognition for their excellent customer-facing services, benchmark their service standards against a nationally-recognised scheme and implement a proven tool for continuous improvement.

This practical tool is dedicated to bringing high-level customer service concepts into common practice, CSE helps organisations put the customer at the forefront of their business.

It promotes concepts of continual improvement; organisations will self-assess their capability and explore and acquire new skills to create a rigorous measurement of customer satisfaction through formal accreditation.

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Business Benefits

  • Opportunity for self-reflection, helping to develop strategic objectives

  • Celebrate successes amongst your team, showcasing positive examples of best practice

  • Transform good customer service into excellent customer service, giving you competitive advantage and a reassurance for existing and potential customers

  • Increase customer satisfaction, repeat business and consumer loyalty

  • Have the right to use the CSE logo on all branding and a listing in the national directory

  • Save costs due to inefficiencies, dealing with customer complaints and high staff turnover

  • Recruit and retain the best staff members, using the CSE framework as part of the interview and performance management processes

  • Drive continuous improvement and find opportunities for strategic growth

  • Refer to the achievement of a non-mandatory Standard to win contracts and tenders

  • Provide a role model for others in your sector and beyond

Certification process

  1. Contact Centre for Assessment to find out about the Standard in relation to your organisation.

  2. Complete an application form with basic details about your organisation in order to generate a no-obligation quotation for assessment services.

  3. Accept the quotation for the project to be created by the business development team.

  4. An assessor will be assigned to your project and will contact you to discuss appropriate timeframes for your assessment.

  5. Documentary evidence will be submitted to the assessor for him/her to complete a desktop review.

  6. You will receive feedback on this review and an assessment plan.

  7. The assessor will visit your premises to discuss some of the documentation and gather further evidence that you meet the requirements of the Standard.

  8. A report will be written, and this will be sent to a member of the CSE panel for quality checking purposes.

  9. A decision will be sent to you about whether you have been successful in your assessment. This will be followed by certifications and details about how to display the CSE logo

Certification support

  • A member of our business development team will be pleased to discuss with you the accreditation process and the Standard itself, to ensure it is right for your organisation.

  • We are happy to deliver formal presentations to raise your understanding of the Standard and to answer any questions you may have.

  • In-house workshops are available to help prepare you for the assessment. These are bespoke to your particular needs and led by one of our lead assessors.

  • The optional pre-assessment can be a useful measure of your current readiness for assessment. It takes the form of a GAP analysis and provides you with a useful report of your position in relation to the Standard.

  • You will be assigned a project co-ordinator who will be your point of contact for all technical matters relating to your accreditation.

  • Once accredited, Centre for Assessment will be pleased to offer training events to support new members of your team, to refresh your knowledge of the Standard and to add further value to your service to customers.

Training courses

Centre for Assessment offers a wide range of training workshops to support your journey towards becoming certified.

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