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Environmental Certification

Supporting business to become sustainable

Centre for Assessment provides a range of green certification services, aiding organisations to put the environment first, and validate these efforts and commitments.

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Sustainability at Centre for Assessment

CfA has a diverse collection of environmental-focused certification and verification services. We have worked hard in conjunction with The Growth Company to offer Standards that champion organisations' journeys to net zero, but also to push businesses to do more – to challenge what it means to be green today.

Sustainability matters, but why should you consider an environmental Standard?

  • To reduce operational costs
  • To improve your environmental management
  • To stay competitive
  • To comply with legal requirements
PAS 2060: Carbon Neutrality

Certify your organisation to PAS 2060 - the specification that demonstrates your commitment to carbon neutrality.

What is PAS 2060?

Commercial activities can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate the human impact on global warming.  Companies may be keen to become 'carbon neutral' by changing their practices but how can they be sure they are doing all they can to minimise the effects of climate change?

PAS 2060 provides a framework to help you measure, reduce and offset your impact on our climate.  It will help you prove that you are truly committed to the challenge of environmental responsibility.

  • Build trust amongst your stakeholders
  • Use resources responsibly and reduce waste
  • Reduce spending on wasteful activities
  • Demonstrate your social responsibility
  • Comply with, and go beyond, legislation
  • Improve transparency in your environment-friendly practices

What effects will PAS 2060 have on your organisation?

PAS 2060 certification will show that your organisation knows what your carbon footprint is and that you take the issue of carbon footprint seriously. It will demonstrate your plans to reduce that footprint and be open and transparent in your approach. The PAS 2060 specification will also help you identify what emissions you can’t eliminate and challenge you to offset them by purchasing carbon credits. Certification can demonstrate your commitment to carbon neutrality, and your achievement of it over a period of time. 

Is PAS 2060 right for you?

Deciding to take an efficiency-first approach is the initial step. But how do you achieve it? Every company operates under different constraints and circumstances: it's not one size fits all.  PAS 2060 certification takes this into account, having flexibility built into its requirements.

If you want to equip your organisation with energy and cost-efficient strategies to reach carbon neutrality, the PAS 2060 Standard is exactly what you need.  



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ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

Reduce company waste and protect our environment with UKAS-accredited certification.

What is ISO 14001?

Every responsible business leader has concerns about how their company’s activities are impacting on the environment. Water use, energy use, pollution and waste are some factors that may negatively affect your local, national and international environment. These factors may also reduce your profitability and reputation if not managed effectively.

ISO 14001 is a framework to help your organisation address these issues. It prescribes controls that should be in place for you to have an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is right for you and your context.

  • Recognise environmental impact
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Legislative compliance
  • Develop a 'green' culture
  • Champion environmental responsibility
  • Improve profits
  • Sustain a positive reputation
  • Attract planet-conscious people
Is ISO 14001 Right for you?

ISO 14001 is available to practically any organisation, of any size and in any sector. 

If your organisation wants to ensure it complies with international legislation and reduce its negative impact on the environment, ISO 14001 is for you.

ISO 14001 is particularly important if your business has identified potential risks relating to environmental factors or if you are looking to reduce costs linked to environmental mismanagement.

CfA’s Certification and Audit Process.

Centre for Assessment has a wealth of experience, working with clients across a diverse range of sectors. From enquiry to certification, we work with our clients to ensure that the process is value-adding, while also being as straightforward and personal as possible.

After you have submitted your application form and signed our proposal, our technical team will allocate a specialist, experienced auditor who will contact you to introduce themselves, discuss arrangements and book dates for your certification audits.

Once your audits are completed, we will complete a technical review and you then will be issued with a certificate that is valid for three years. At 12 and 24 months, review audits will be completed to ensure you are still compliant with ISO 14001.

We also offer a pre-audit service, which will help you understand whether or not your Environmental Management System is ready to be certified.


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GWO Certification
The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to secure injury-free working conditions across the wind power sector. Led by manufacturers and operators of wind turbines across the world, GWO has produced a set of training standards designed to achieve safe, low risk environments.

GWO-approved training providers are required to work to GWO training standards.  Compliance to these standards is verified through an annual audit from a GWO-approved certification body, like Centre for Assessment.  We can provide you with an audit of your Management System and your individual training modules, leading to GWO certification.

CfA is an approved GWO certification body, here to help you gain or maintain GWO trainer status.

Why Should you work with CfA?

Centre for Assessment has over 20 years of experience in working with certification clients. We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), and are an ethical and approachable certification body with a passion for meeting the needs of our clients. 

With our experienced, expert team of auditors located across the UK and beyond, CfA can support your organisation's journey towards achieving certification to a recognised environmental Standard. We work in partnership with our clients, helping them achieve their goals.

The Growth Company

Centre for Assessment is proud to be part of The Growth Company, an award winning social enterprise based in Manchester. GC do many things to encourage growth and improve lives, especially promoting the green agenda as a means of doing business responsibly.

This means that CfA’s certification services sit alongside a number of green strategies and programmes that GC offer. We are delighted to provide environmental services that support these initiatives and to be aligned to The Growth Company and its values.

Green Economy

Part of our larger Group, The Growth Company, Green Economy provides intelligence on your local green economy, analysing the capabilities, size and scale of the local green supply chain to highlight opportunities for green growth and identify barriers impacting adoption at a local level. This vital data can inform economic development planning on your local transition to net zero.

Green Economy is the evolution of decades experience of working with the businesses that will play a key role in delivering the transition to net zero. This transition represents a significant market opportunity for our economy with the whole of the supply chain set to benefit. Whilst some businesses are already well positioned to exploit these opportunities, others will require additional support to drive innovation and competitiveness, upskill their workforces and to benchmark their abilities against their peers.

  • Investment in businesses, infrastructure and assets that benefit the planet.
  • Raising the profile of businesses that provide net zero solutions.
  • Reduces the risk of environmental harm and climate change.
  • Increase investment in green technologies and services.

"Being compliant with the 14001 standard indicates to our clients that the Company takes it environmental responsibilities seriously and that we are a trustworthy provider."

S Keyte

"A very capable organisation that is able to move quickly to provide auditors in timescales required by clients. The auditors are very proficient and a pleasure to be audited by."

L Scorey

"As a company we are so impressed with the overall service provided by Centre For Assessment. It is a pleasure to deal with auditors who are knowledgeable and approachable."

T Gibbons

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