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SOC 1 Reports

Business leaders are putting their trust in service providers like you to handle their financial data. Make a name for your organisation as a certified outsourcer through the SOC 1 assurance report.

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ISAE 3402 (SOC1)
What is SOC 1?
Service organisations play a vital role for businesses who simply don’t have the time or resources to manage their financial data. But with increasingly technical IT processes at play, the need for greater control is growing.

Companies are aware of the risks involved. And for financial institutions in particular, the requirement for certified assurance over the service organisation handling their data is non-negotiable, and a matter of compliance with their supervisory authority. 

SOC 1 is an assurance report used to help businesses and their service providers meet this prerequisite. In this internationally recognised standard, in-depth auditing assesses outsourcing services for performance, security and anti-fraud measures, ensuring their clients’ financial reporting isn’t negatively affected.

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How does it SOC 1 benefit your organisation?

When outsourcing financial data activities, three factors are growing in importance: demand, competition and risk. To remain competitive, your service organisation needs proof and assurance as a trusted financial data handler. SOC 1 certification provides this, allowing you to demonstrate credibility and cement your reputation in the industry.

By achieving SOC 1 certification with Centre for Assessment, you can:
  • Build trust
  • Prove risk excellence
  • Increase competitive edge
  • Reduce the need for constant audits
  • Reassure current clients
  • Boost new business
  • Tighten security
  • Improve employee experience
  • Continue to use efficient software
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Is SOC 1 right for you?
If your organisation handles financial processes for its clients, you’re trusted with read access of important data to deliver a service that enables their function. To attract, attain and reassure clients of your credibility, SOC 1certification is key.
It applies to any organisation that provides outsourced financial services such as: loan servicing companies, payroll processors, Software as a Service (SaaS)/Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)/Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers, or data centre providers.
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How do you gain certification?

Our experienced professionals will outline a risk management framework that’s specifically aligned to the IT controls and processes concerning financial data. This will be tailored to your unique operations to ensure relevance. You’ll then be asked to disclose your controls, after which, an in-depth audit of your objectives and activities is carried out. 

A determining report is then submitted by our expert auditors, and may be split into type 1: the suitability of your controls at a specific time, and type 2: the suitability of your controls in a predefined period (six months minimum). 

Gaining SOC 1 certification with Centre for Assessment means you can provide this, along with an accompanying SOC report, to any current or potential clients who require it, empowering you to continue or begin outsourcing their processes.

Why choose Centre for Assessment?

Centre for Assessment is a UKAS-accredited certification body. With our experience and expertise, we take the time to understand your organisation’s objectives, outlining specific requirements for a bespoke auditing process that helps you to achieve certification.

Combining professionalism with a personable approach, our team remains flexible throughout the process to ensure your specific needs are adhered to. With Centre for Assessment, you can rely on a smooth end-to-end certification process that gets results.

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