Valuing People
BS 76000 Human Resource – Valuing People Management
The standard, developed by experts from industry bodies, employers and unions, provides a framework for organisations to value people, monitor and improve performance, for the mutual benefit of all parties.  The standard recognises people’s talent, skills, capabilities and potential to learn and develop are critical to the current and future success of an organisation.
BS76005 Valuing People Through Diversity and Inclusion
The standard provides a framework for organisations to use in development of their management system for valuing people through diversity and social inclusion.
PD76006 Guide to L&D
76006 provides a framework for organisations to use in the development of its approaches in terms of L&D at both individual and organisational levels.
Modern Slavery Assessment
Accreditation is suitable for all companies in any sector who handle client information and have a desire to increase their IT infrastructure security throughout their business.