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People, HR and EDI

At Centre for Assessment, we understand that people are the driving force behind organisations. So, our people Standards are designed to help you manage your workforce more effectively, create a culture of diversity and inclusion, and develop a data-driven Human Resource strategy.

  • British Standard

    Providing an opportunity to ensure everyone associated with your organisation is truly valued, BS76000 is the code of practice to ensure you get it right. Use it to recognise the skills, talents, aspirations, needs and value of all your people.

    The first of an exciting new suite of human capital management Standards, BS76000 is designed to ensure a business or organisation recognises and respects the intrinsic worth of all its people. Only four years old, Valuing People is a principle-led framework to help you take care of your staff and demonstrate that your organisation is a great place to work.

    Completing an assessment against the Valuing People framework may help you to:

    • Ensure your company or organisation is a great place to work
    • Fulfill your duty of care to all those associated with your organisation
    • Improve staff efficiency and performance
  • International Standard

    The global Standard for Diversity and Inclusion in HR Management

    Through a clear framework and on-site follow up, Centre for Assessment can help you achieve ISO 30415 certification – ensuring a level playing field for every employee.

    Achieving ISO 30415 certification with Centre for Assessment may make you better able to:

    • Broaden your talent pool
    • Surpass ethical expectations
    • Evolve functions with diverse skills, talents and potential
  • International Standard

    ISO 30414 is a recently-developed Standard that helps your company to strengthen it's Human Resouce function. Looking at the use of data to inform people strategies, the ISO 30414 framework is designed to help you monitor the effectiveness of your workforce.

    An exciting new Standard to help your company develop a data-driven Human Resource strategy, find out more about ISO 30414 below. Centre for Assessment can help you implement this internationally-recognised HR framework, followed by a verification audit to demonstrate the quality and impact of your reporting arrangements.

    Adopting the Human Resource framework into your company could help you to:

    • Increase transparency for your stakeholders
    • Compare human capital investments with outcomes
    • Develop a strategy for people-led growth
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