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Leading the Way in Sustainability: RKMS' Journey to PAS 2060 Certification
RKMS, a management consultancy in Blackpool, achieved PAS 2060 certification for sustainability, reducing emissions and costs while enhancing work-life balance and attracting eco-conscious clients.
PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Green Certification Environment
Guiding Organisations Towards Inclusivity and Success
In the modern business arena, recognising the value of diversity and inclusion is crucial to success. As organisations strive to foster environments that are as fair as they are trailblazing, ISO 30415 (the international standard for diversity and inclusion) has become a beacon of progress. 09/10/2023
Why You Need To Gain GWO Certification
Keep reading to discover all you need to know about GWO, what makes their certification so important, and why you should pursue it through a GWO-approved body like Centre for Assessment.
How Embracing D&I Can Enhance Your Talent Pool
Practising better equality in the workplace is step one. But if you’re yet to benefit from a broadened and more diverse talent pool, there’s still work to be done. In this blog, we’ll explain how demonstrating D&I from a certified framework – like ISO 30415 – isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the key to enhancing your talent pool and unlocking a new stream of employee and business benefits. 22/09/23
Considering GWO Certification? Now’s The Perfect Time
As the world shifts towards a renewable future, training providers are being called upon to equip the workers of tomorrow with the skills they need. Here, we take a closer look at this rapidly growing industry, highlighting the importance of GWO-approved certification and why Centre for Assessment is the place to achieve it. 19/09/2023
Beyond Greenwashing: How To Make A Real Impact On the Environment, And Your Business
Greenwashing is a big issue. It’s a technique that’s often adopted to detract attention from business models and activities that cause significant environmental damage. What’s more, organisations that take part in it are actually damaging their own reputations. 12/09/23
How Quality Management Can Help You Improve The Customer Experience
More and more organisations are shifting towards a customer-centric approach. Naturally, the benefits of placing your customers at the core of your business speak for themselves: happier shoppers, improved processes, and a potential 60% increase in profitability. But before you head straight to implementation, you need a strategy. Here, we discuss the rise of customer centricity, and why quality management is at the heart of successful execution. 29/08/23
Carbon Offsetting vs Environmental Responsibility
Now is the time for businesses to demonstrate genuine environmental responsibility. Keep reading to learn the difference between this, and carbon offsetting. And get actionable guidance on how to help your organisation achieve carbon neutrality – with the PAS 2060 certification to prove it. 21/08/2023
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