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How Quality Management Can Help You Improve The Customer Experience
More and more organisations are shifting towards a customer-centric approach. Naturally, the benefits of placing your customers at the core of your business speak for themselves: happier shoppers, improved processes, and a potential 60% increase in profitability. But before you head straight to implementation, you need a strategy. Here, we discuss the rise of customer centricity, and why quality management is at the heart of successful execution. 29/08/23
Carbon Offsetting vs Environmental Responsibility
Now is the time for businesses to demonstrate genuine environmental responsibility. Keep reading to learn the difference between this, and carbon offsetting. And get actionable guidance on how to help your organisation achieve carbon neutrality – with the PAS 2060 certification to prove it. 21/08/2023
5 Business-Enhancing Benefits Of A Robust Quality Management System
From internal efficiencies to external performance, there are many ways a robust QMS can boost your business. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits, and how the ISO 9001 Standard can set out the necessary requirements to help you reap the rewards. 14/08/2023
How The New Net Zero Council And PAS 2060 Are Driving The UK’s Green Transition
As the climate emergency intensifies, so does the government’s drive to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Industry plays an integral role here, with the capabilities to harness powerful innovations that propel us towards net zero. But more could be done… 31/07/2023
ISO 27001: The New 2022 Version and Why It’s Essential to Every Business’ Cyber Security
Here we discussed the new revised ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard, why the revision, what's changed and the benefits to transitioning. 06/07/2023
ISO 27001:2022 Transition Information Guide and FAQs
For information security management systems, technology is a rapidly changing area and so are the threats, and as such, the minimum controls needed for security, cybersecurity and privacy also need to evolve to remain current. Here we have created a ISO 27001 Transition Guide and FAQs to help you transition to the reviewed Standard as smoothly as possible. 19/06/2023
What’s the difference between a people strategy and human resources?
In today’s fast paced and ever-changing world, it is imperative that organisations are ready to navigate and respond quickly, not only with effective processes for people management but also with effective workplace relationships. Both Human Resources and People Strategy are essential in supporting organisational goals and navigating change but whilst human resources is focused on building and maintaining effective systems, people strategy has its focus on building and maintaining effective relationships between the organisation and its people. 12/06/2023
ISO 45003 & ISO 45001 : Driving Forward Workplace Wellbeing
What's the relationship between ISO 45003 and ISO 45001 in the context of driving workplace well-being. ISO45003 can be implemented independently of ISO 45001 and does not require certification of ISO45001 before certification can be achieved. ISO 45003 is a guidance standard, not a requirement standard, so while certificates for compliance may be awarded, they are not the same as the certificates issued for other management systems. 12/04/23
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