BS76000 Valuing People
Valuing People

The first of an exciting new suite of human capital management Standards, BS76000 is designed to ensure a business or organisation recognises and respects the intrinsic worth of all its people. Only four years old, Valuing People is a principle-led framework to help you take care of your staff and demonstrate that your organisation is a great place to work.


Employees’ expectations of their employers are constantly evolving. More and more companies are recognising the importance of workplace well-being and how the working environment can be improved, for the benefit of everyone. Valuing People gives you the opportunity to reflect on these important issues and provides you with a challenge to continuously develop and improve.

Developed by experts from industry bodies, employers, unions and others, Valuing People gives a structured approach for you to implement, monitor, evaluate and grow a people management system, to meet the needs of your people and your business.

While there are other ‘people’ accreditations that have been around for a long time, BS76000 goes much further. It facilitates a holistic view of how people are integral to organisational strategy through a clear, hands-on approach. Valuing People allows you to assess the initiatives you already have in place and proactively seek opportunities to plug any gaps.

Who is this for?

Valuing People assessment and certification is available to any organisation, in any sector, that works with people. It is equally relevant to multi-national corporations with large HR departments as it is to small community groups or voluntary organisations.

HR professionals, forward-thinking managers, all public and third sector organisations, small and medium-sized businesses, companies with multiple sites and anyone who believes in the centricity of human capital should all consider how a Valuing People accreditation will benefit them.

You may already hold a Standard such as ISO 9001 or be new to the world of accreditations. All are welcome to apply.

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BS76000 can be offered as a joint assessment with other Standards in the Valuing People suite (BS76005 and/or PD76005). It is also a useful addition if you already have a Management System Standard, such as ISO 9001, with us, as the assessment process will be very familiar to you. Additionally, you may want to achieve Valuing People to enhance other quality marks you hold, such as Customer Service Excellence or Lexcel.

Features and benefits

Research indicates that staff who feel truly valued by their organisation are happier and therefore more productive. Implementing a people management strategy such as BS76000 is not only the right thing to do, it also has a range of business benefits. Completing an assessment against the Valuing People framework may help you to:

  • ensure your company or organisation is a great place to work;
  • fulfil your duty of care to all those associated with your organisation;
  • increase job satisfaction, improve morale and secure a dynamic workforce;
  • build stronger relationships within and between teams;
  • assess your approach to HR management and ensure it suits your context;
  • understand your people and how to get the best out of them;
  • reduce costs associated with staff absenteeism and high turnover;
  • improve staff efficiency and performance;
  • protect yourself against legislative breaches or claims against you;
  • gain external recognition that you are an employer of choice.
How we can help

Through our team of specialist, experienced assessors, Centre for Assessment has the ability and expertise to provide you with an engaging assessment against the Valuing People Standard. We offer certification to any organisation that completes a successful assessment, helping you recognise best practice and areas to develop within your organisation.

We can also help you prepare for your assessment to ensure it adds value to your work and that the framework is entirely relevant in your context. Centre for Assessment prides itself on the quality of its pre-assessment services, wherever you are on your journey to achieving Valuing People certification.

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Certification process

  1.  Initial thoughts: Firstly, you need to establish that Valuing People is the right fit for your organisation and, if so, whether you will opt for a departmental or corporate assessment. You should also consider what support you will need prior to your assessment. Centre for Assessment will be happy to help you make these decisions.
  2. Apply: Give us a call or contact us to request an application form. Alternatively, you can download one from our website.
  3. Quotation: Your application will be reviewed by a member of our Business Development team, who will provide you with a no-obligation assessment/certification proposal.
  4. Accept: Review the proposal sent by Centre for Assessment and, if you are happy, sign and return the document to us. Bear in mind, there is nothing to pay at this stage and signing the proposal simply registers your commitment to the project.
  5. Make arrangements: You will be allocated a specialist, experienced assessor who will contact you to introduce themselves, discuss arrangements/support needs and book dates for the assessment.
  6. Document Review: The first part of your assessment will be a review of documents submitted by you to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the Valuing People British Standard.
  7. On-site Assessment: Your assessor will spend time at your offices/sites/locations, talking to a range of stakeholders to gather evidence that you have implemented the BS76000 code of practice. Your assessor will give you a lot more detail about what s/he would like to see during this visit prior to him/her attending.
  8. Verification: Once the on-site assessment is completed, your assessor may recommend that you be given a certificate to prove that you have met the requirements of the framework.
  9. Certification: Following a review by Centre for Assessment, you will be issued a certificate that is valid for three years. You can advertise the fact that you are certified to the British Standard and use the logo on your website and elsewhere.
  10. Annual Assessments: At 12 and 24 months, review visits will be completed to ensure you are still meeting the requirements of the British Standard. These will be arranged directly with your assessor.
Applicaiton form

Download the application form and email us to get your quote.

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