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Quality Policy

Our Expertise, Your Growth

Centre for Assessment is a leading specialist in certification, assessment and training services, delivering training, audits and assessments both nationally and internationally to thousands of clients.

We are a part of the Growth Company (TGC) and operate in line with the policies, processes and values of our group.


Centre for Assessment aims to provide a high quality service which ensures that our clients, peers and other interested parties have confidence in our ability to provide our range of services in line with the specified requirements.


This policy outlines the quality commitments that Centre for Assessment has made to enable us to achieve this aim and continual improvement of our offer and its delivery.


Centre for Assessment has made the following 8 commitments:

  • To broaden our service offer ensuring that we are able to provide the most advantageous range of services to our clients.
  • To expand our team to enable growth and effective service delivery.
  • To ensure proper coverage of our operating areas to wherever possible enable delivery through competent local resources.
  • To maintain our accreditations, certifications and contracts with a view to secure continued delivery of our current range of services.
  • To spread our brand identity and increase its recognition across our industry and in the interests of our interested parties.
  • To invest in talent, technical knowledge and relationships across our services to add value to them and our offer as a whole.
  • To deliver our services in line with the core principles for inspiring confidence: Impartiality; Competence; Responsibility; Openness; Confidentiality; Responsiveness to Complaints; and, a Risk Based Approach.
  • To operate in line with our wider Growth Company Values: Stronger Together; Do the Right Thing; Empower People; Make a Positive Difference; and, Build on Success.

Executive Director - Chris Jones

Version 3 - 23/03/23

proud to be part of The Growth Company