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ISO Management Systems
ISO Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of high quality. For businesses, they are strategic tools that help to tackle some of the most demanding challenges of modern business and ensure that operations are as efficient as possible.
Industry Specific Standards
Certain industries requires that all products carry a legitimate CE Marking. This provides recognition for your business as a competent provider of products.
Lexcel is the Law Society’s practice management standard specifically designed to promote excellence within law practices. A Lexcel accreditation provides a flexible, supportive management framework to help practices and in-house legal departments improve operations and manage risk effectively.
Customer Service Excellence
Through formal certification, organisations begin by self-assessing their capability and explore new skills aligned to a comprehensive measurement of customer satisfaction.
Book places on any of our open courses or participate in our increasing range of on-line provision. Alternatively, our training team will work with you to understand your specific requirements. We also have a range of support services to assist you with regulation compliance.
Information & Cyber Security
In an increasing technology-dependent business world, robust information security is vital to manage and minimise risks of exposure to cyber attacks and ensure that confidential client information is protected.
Valuing People
Many organisations now acknowledge that their most valuable assets are their people. Developed in response to employee expectations of 21st century workplaces, the Valuing People suite of British Standards provides frameworks for getting people management right.