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SOC 2 Reports

More and more businesses are outsourcing their processes to service providers.  Ensure your functions are watertight and ready to compete with the best in the industry through SOC 2 certification.

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ISAE 3000/SOC2
What is SOC 2?
From Software as a Service (SaaS) to data centres, the demand for outsourced activities is constantly growing as companies look externally for core services and data storage. But as service providers employ more efficient functioning methods (such as the Cloud), security and reliability issues become apparent.

Privacy, security, integrity and confidentiality are paramount. As such, the rising demand and rapid evolution of this field sparked the introduction of SOC 2 assurance reporting.

ISAE 3000 is an internationally recognised auditing Standard. It ensures organisations get the assurance they need to deliver services to companies that rely on them for secure outsourcing.

Covering non-financial processes, certification ensures your outsourced services are up to scratch across numerous variables. It’s targeted to need, and paints you as a trusted hub for companies to share their sensitive digital information with.

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How do they benefit your organisation?

More and more businesses are choosing service providers like you to outsource their processes.  There’s no better path to assurance than getting certified.

By gaining an SOC 2 assurance report with Centre for Assessment, you can:
  • Build trust
  • Prove risk excellence
  • Increase competitive edge
  • Reduce the need for constant audits
  • Reassure current clients
  • Boost new business
  • Tighten security
  • Improve employee experience
  • Continue to use efficient software
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Is SOC 2 right for you?
As a service provider, companies’ functions and data are entirely in your hands. If you want to ensure your processes deliver as they should, while reassuring your clients that you’re the provider for them, SOC 2 certification is ideal.
It applies to any organisation that provides outsourced financial or non-financial services such as: Asset Managers, Pension Service Providers, SaaS providers, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers, Data Centre providers and Cloud Hosting providers.
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How do you gain certification?

Certification begins by adhering to a risk management framework outlined by our experienced team – this applies to the financial and general IT processes used to perform your outsourcing activities. You’ll then be asked to give a description of your controls, followed by an in-depth audit of their objectives and activities. 

The determining report will be split into type 1: the suitability of your controls at a specific time, and type 2: the suitability of your controls in a predefined period. 

When you gain certification with Centre for Assessment, you’ll be able to provide an SOC report in conjunction with your ISAE certification to any clients who require it, so you can continue outsourcing their processes.

Why choose Centre for Assessment?

Centre for Assessment is a UKAS-accredited certification body with many years’ experience. As such, we’re qualified to outline requirements and facilitate an in-depth auditing process that sets your organisation on track to certification.

Behind our professionalism is a friendly team who’ll get to know your business and deliver a service that suits your individual needs. With our flexibility and your best interests at heart, your certification process is in the right hands.

To discuss ISAE 3402/ISAE 3000 in more detail, get in touch today.

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