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GWO Certification

Global Wind Organisation certification allows providers to offer a range of GWO-approved training modules.

CfA is an approved GWO certification body, here to help you gain or maintain GWO trainer status.

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What is GWO Training?
GWO Certification
What is GWO Certification?
Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to secure injury-free working conditions across the wind industry. Led by manufacturers and operators of wind turbines across the world, GWO has produced a set of training standards designed to achieve safe, low risk environment.

GWO-approved training providers are required to work to GWO training standards.  Compliance to these standards is verified through an annual audit from a GWO-approved certification body, like Centre for Assessment.  We can provide you with an audit of your Management System and your individual training modules, leading to GWO certification.

Training modules subject to GWO standards include Basic Safety Training (BST), Advanced Rescue Training and Blade Repair.  We will allocate time to each module that you offer so that you receive a robust, high quality audit certification audit from us.

Download your GWO certification application form here.


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Why work with Centre for Assessment?

CfA has over 20 years of experience in the certification industry, helping thousands of clients achieve the Standards they need in a customer-focused, transparent and cost-effective way.

We are delighted to have been approved by the GWO to offer certification to their training standards, helping improve the safety and productivity of those working in the wind industry.

Complete our simple application form to understand the time allocation and costs for your GWO certification audit with us.  We will get back to you within three working days with the information you need.

Transfer to us

If you are already a provider of GWO-approved training modules and hold certification to GWO standards, you may want to consider transferring your certification to Centre for Assessment.

Our team of highly-skilled, friendly and experienced auditors can offer you GWO certification while adding value to the training that you provide.  Our audit costs are affordable and we will ensure that your investment in GWO certification with us represents excellent value for money.

The transfer process is very straight-forward, no matter if you are due a surveillance or re certification audit.  Get in touch with us and we will help you move your certificate to us.

What our clients say

'Centre for Assessment was easy to work with.  The pricing is fair.  The auditors we've worked with are very knowledgeable and the audit process was helpful at illuminating areas of potential improvement'.

Leon, West Yorkshire

'The auditor we have worked with was very professional and fair throughout the duration of the audits he has undertaken with us'.

Jo, Bristol

'CfA is very efficient and professional and it was a pleasure to work along with them.  As a customer, I'm very impressed with the overall service provided and I would recommend them to anyone'.

Sebastian, Cheshire

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As well as certifying you as a GWO-approved training facility, we can offer you a range of additional services to help you improve and grow. We have chosen a selection of relevant services for you below.

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ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training


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