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Customer Service Excellence (CSE): Internal Champions

CSE is the national framework to help businesses or organisations implement and maintain a customer-centric culture.

As a trusted provider of CSE certification, Centre for Assessment is delighted to offer this interactive workshop to help you prepare for a successful assessment.

In-Company Training

For this one-day training session, the cost starts at £995 + VAT.

Customer Service:
Course overview
This practical, interactive workshop will provide you with the tools to embed the Customer Service Excellence framework into your organisation, leading to a successful assessment.

The national Standard for Customer Service Excellence is based on a culture whereby the customer is king.  For the framework to be used to its full extent, having people to champion the Standard with your organisation is essential.

Not only will this course help you engage with the 5 CSE criteria, it will challenge you to reflect on how well you comply now, what more work needs to be done, and how you can 'sell' the benefits of the Standard to your colleagues.

Led by a highly-experienced trainer and CSE lead assessor, this is a facilitated workshop full of exercises and steers to help you ensure the Standard adds value to your organisation.

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Features and Benefits

Some of the topics included are:

  • How to navigate the Customer Service Excellence framework
  • Evidence needed to achieve and maintain certification
  • The importance of customer journey mapping
  • Evaluating your department/organisation against the CSE Standard
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of an Internal Champion
  • How to promote the Standard with your colleagues
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What will you learn?
By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:


• understand what is required to achieve CSE certification
• create a plan of action for your CS journey
• lead your department/organisation towards a successful CSE assessment.


The workshop will provide all the essential skills you need to achieve the Cabinet Office’s Customer Service Excellence Standard.  Internal Champions will help you review how your current customer service strategy aligns with the CSE framework, look at areas for development to achieve compliance, and evaluate your ability to lead the project.

You will leave the workshop with renewed enthusiasm and confidence that you can help your organisation attain the national Standard for customer service.

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What is ISO 9001?
Who is the course suitable for?
Anyone who is considering applying for Customer Service Excellence certification, already on the journey to achieving the award, or current holders of CSE would benefit from attending the workshop.

To make the most out of the session, Centre for Assessment recommends that a group of Champions participate in the workshop.  This will lead to quality conversation and idea sharing.  Around 6-8 is a good number, but fewer or more people can also be accommodated.

Champions should be involved in the CSE project, such as responsible for gathering evidence for the Document Review or leading improvements to the service needed to achieve certification.

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