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Safety Schemes in Procurement - the mutual recognition scheme for occupational health and safety standards.

Demonstrate your competence in health & safety practices by obtaining your SSIP certificate with Centre for Assessment.

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What is iso 45001
What is SSIP?
What is SSIP?
Safety Schemes in Procurement is a mutual recognition arrangement for health and safety standards, mainly within the construction sector. Holding an SSIP certificate will reduce the costs of complying with several similar schemes required for procurement.

SSIP accreditation is achieved through assessment of a set of health and safety related requirements.  A lot of these requirements are also found in ISO 45001 but there are some additions.

An SSIP assessment is conducted by a specialist auditor who goes through the checklist of requirements.  If your company can demonstrate compliance to these requirements, you will be issued with an SSIP certificate.

Companies can choose to have an SSIP as an 'add-on' to their UKAS-accredited ISO 45001 audit with Centre for Assessment, or as a stand-alone assessment. 

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Why work with Centre for Assessment?

Centre for Assessment is an accredited provider of SSIP certification.  With over 20 years' experience working with clients in the construction sector, our specialist auditors will conduct a thorough audit of your health and safety standards.

Because we can provide you with certification to several ISO Management System standards, such as ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety), we are the obvious choice for your SSIP certificate.

We offer various categories of SSIP to suit your requirements.

Transfer to us

You might be considering a transfer for many reasons. Perhaps you need a more robust audit, an improved level of service from a UKAS-accredited body or a more affordable fee.  If your company already holds an ISO Standard or SSIP, transferring to CfA might be a great option for you. 

We have vast experience of working with transfer clients, ensuring the necessary audits take place to avoid a gap in your certification.  We do not charge any transfer fees. Should you wish to transfer to us, or to do a cost comparison with your existing certification body to help make your decision, just get in touch.

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