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ISO 30414 Certification

The new HR Standard

An exciting new Standard to help your company develop a data-driven Human Resource strategy, find out more about ISO 30414 below.

Centre for Assessment can help you implement this internationally-recognised HR framework, followed by a verification audit to demonstrate the quality and impact of your reporting arrangements.

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ISO 30414
What is ISO 30414?
ISO 30414 is a Human Resource Management Standard, providing guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting.

The Standard, developed in 2019, is designed to give companies a complete picture of their workforce, measuring and evaluating its effectiveness against your corporate imperatives.

Covering areas such as ethics, leadership and productivity, ISO 30414 is a unique way to help you accurately report on the human resources you have in your company and enable you to use this information to inform a data-driven approach to people management.

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How can ISO 30414 benefit your organisation?
Adopting the Human Resource framework into your company could help you to:
  • increase transparency for your stakeholders;
  • compare human capital investments with outcomes;
  • develop a strategy for people-led growth;
  • demonstrate compliance against legislation;
  • recognise the value of your human capital;
  • evaluate the quality of your people management;
  • implement suitable metrics to evaluate your people strategy;
  • use richer data to inform your strategy;
  • improve organisational efficiencies;
  • sustain a relevant workforce for your company’s needs.
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Is ISO 30414 Right for you?

If you are an SME or larger company with a large office or multiple offices in the UK and abroad, data collection and reporting on your workforce could already be an integral feature of your HR strategy.  Legislation may also require your company to report on how your workforce is comprised, managed and remunerated.  You may be concerned about whether you are maximising the investment in your people or utilising information available to your HR team effectively.  ISO 30414 provides guidance to help you get these aspects right.

As ISO 30414 is an international Standard, embedding its principles into your company will help you ensure you are monitoring and developing your workforce effectively against a global benchmark.

Why should you work with Centre for Assessment?

Centre for Assessment is unique in that we can offer a complete implementation and support service as well as a verification audit against ISO 30414.  This means that we can help you evaluate your HR Management and the metrics you choose to use, work with you to align your practices to the international Standard and verify that you are compliant with it, all within your own timeframes and priorities.

Our flexible approach means we will adapt our input into your company to suit your own reporting objectives.  You can select the reporting metrics that are most appropriate to your context and then have these consolidated through a verification audit from us.

Find out more
ISO 30414 is a relatively new Standard that is generating a lot of interest amongst HR professionals. We have collated five external resources to help you find out more.

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80 reasons to achieve ISO certification (NOTE: this download requires email registration)


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How Much Does it Cost?
We are confident that all our services add value while reflecting excellent value for money.
Whether you require ISO 30414 implementation support, a gap analysis, a verification audit or a combination of these services, a member of our Business Development team will be pleased to provide you with a bespoke, no-obligation proposal. Get in touch with us to find out more.
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ISO 45003
What other services can we offer you?
As a Human Resource Management Standard, ISO 30414 has strong links to our other accreditations, especially the British Standard 76000 series – Valuing People/Diversity & Inclusion. You may choose to achieve a combination of HR Standards, to consolidate and enhance your HR Management Systems.

We can advise you on the most appropriate solutions for your company, whether that be training, support or audit services.  Call or email Centre for Assessment to learn more about our bespoke offer for your company.

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