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ISO 45003 Certification

First International Standard concerned with mental health and wellbeing risks at work.

ISO 45003 provides guidelines for the management of psychosocial health and wellbeing at work and sits within the ISO 45000 series of standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

The standard was issued in 2022 and sits in support of ISO45001 but providing a particular focus on this increasingly important aspect of health and safety management.

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What is ISO 45003?
ISO 45003
What is ISO 45003?
ISO 45003 is a guidance framework, exploring how to recognise psychological hazards that can affect worker wellbeing, and actions that can be taken to manage them.

Supporting positive mental health within your organisation is more important than ever, with so many challenges to colleague resilience over the past two years.  Developed by leading workplace health experts across 74 countries and published as recently as June, 2021, ISO 45003 is written to help you embed support mechanisms for employees who are at risk of psychological harm.

It is written to complement and expand on ISO 45001, which contains requirements for an Occupational Health & Safety Management System.  As a 'child Standard' of ISO 45001, ISO 45003 is not a certifiable Standard in its own right.  Instead, it is designed to spread the responsibility for employees wellbeing across the whole of your organisation, with all your wellbeing initiatives coming together to protect your people from mental as well as physical hazards.

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How can ISO 45003 benefit your organisation?

Implementing the ISO 45003 framework in your organisation will enable you to:

  • build a more positive working environment
  • manage psychological health and safety to secure resilience and performance
  • reduce absence from work due to stress, anxiety and depression
  • acknowledge that workplace wellbeing matters and that you take it seriously
  • improve employee engagement and retention
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How does ISO 45003 work?
The standard uses the PDCA approach to drive forward thinking and the 10 clause structure echoes that of other management system standards.

1. Plan your system and make sure it's appropriate for your organisation and adequately resourced.

2. Identify work related psychosocial hazards and develop and deploy appropriate controls.

3. Review how well your controls are working and whether or not the hazards have changed.

4. Drive forward improvement, ensuring the system remains appropriate for the organisation today and in the future.

Just as with other management system standards, understanding organisational context, providing appropriate leadership and support, evaluating performance and driving forward improvement all come in to play.

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Why consider ISO 45003?

ISO 45003 provides ‘guidelines’, not ‘requirements’ and is not therefore certifiable in the same way as other management system standards, but organisations like CfA will be offering ‘recognition’ of the work done by organisations to meet the standard. 

Our team of trained assessors are experienced auditors with extensive knowledge of ISO management systems and have received specialist training in the requirements of ISO45003. 

How can CfA help?

Our auditors will use their skills, knowledge and experience to review your systems and actions against the requirements of the standard, providing you with the opportunity to share your expertise with your own organisation and with the wider marketplace and to identify areas for improvement.

Centre for Assessment can also provide training to help you embed ISO 45003 requirements into your organisation. Get in touch with our friendly team, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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The Importance of ISO 45003
The guidelines outline a number of risks which can accrue where psychosocial risks are not addressed – these include:
  • Increased costs due to absence from work due to issues such as stress
  • Increased staff turnover leading to increasing costs in recruitment and training
  • Reduced product or service quality ‘eye off the ball’
  • Workplace investigations into accidents, incidents, staff turnover
  • Litigation and tribunals – and the associated costs
  • Organisational reputation

It is important to note that the term ‘worker’ which is used in this standard and in ISO45001 brings the entire organisation into play – from the CEO down, and also includes those who work under sub-contract or temporary arrangements, it’s not just for the traditional ‘employee’.

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