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PAS 2060: Carbon Neutrality

Certify your organisation to PAS 2060 - the specification that demonstrates your commitment to carbon neutrality.

CfA offers Declaration of Commitment and Declaration of Achievement assessments for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors.  Find out more below about how PAS 2060 can help you.

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What is PAS 2060?
PAS 2060
What is PAS 2060?
Every organisation, in every country across the world, is challenged to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Commercial activities can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate the human impact on global warming.  Companies may be keen to become 'carbon neutral' by changing their practices but how can they be sure they are doing all they can to minimise the effects of climate change?

PAS 2060 provides a framework to help you measure, reduce and offset your impact on our climate.  It will help you prove that you are truly committed to the challenge of environmental responsibility.

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How can PAS 2060 certification benefit you?

A PAS 2060 verification assessment with CfA has numerous environmental and business benefits.

An assessment can help you to
  • Build public trust that you are environmentally responsible
  • use resources responsibly and reduce waste
  • reduce spending on wasteful activities
  • demonstrate your social responsibility
  • comply with, and go beyond, legislation
  • improve transparency in your environment-friendly practices
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PAS 2060 Documents
Access Our PAS 2060 Guidance Documents
Download an Introduction to the Specification, Readiness Checklist and Glossary of Key Terms

CfA has created a range of documents, designed to help you understand more about the PAS 2060 Specification.

Download these documents now to understand what the benefits of implementing PAS 2060 are, and how a PAS 2060 assessment works. Discover what you need to be doing now so that you can become certified in the Specification. 

Do you also need some clarification on some of the technical terms we have used? We have also created a glossary to help you properly get to grips with the Specification.

Click here to download now.

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What effects will PAS 2060 have on your organisation?
PAS 2060 certification will show that your organisation knows what your carbon footprint is and that you take the issue of carbon footprint seriously. It will demonstrate your plans to reduce that footprint and be open and transparent in your approach. The PAS 2060 specification will also help you identify what emissions you can’t eliminate but challenge you to offset them by purchasing carbon credits. Certification can demonstrate your commitment to carbon neutrality, and your achievement of it over a period of time.
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PAS 2060: Carbon Neutrality
PAS 2060 - A Standard addressing Carbon Neutrality
The days of climate change being put on the backburner have long gone.

The UK government has set a target for all businesses to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In response, some organisations have bulldozed their way to carbon neutrality by purchasing huge carbon offsetting contracts.

In reality, most businesses will have to commit to a level of carbon offsetting to achieve carbon neutrality. Some emissions simply can’t be avoided – but some can. Following an efficiency-first strategy means you’ll be able to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint as much as possible. In doing so, you lower the amount of offsetting required to achieve your target, resulting in a cheaper contract.

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Consider PAS 2060 now!

Deciding to take an efficiency-first approach is the first step. But how do you achieve it? Every company operates under different constraints and circumstances, it's not one size fits all!

If you want to equip your organisation with energy and cost efficient strategies to reach carbon neutrality, the PAS 2060 Standard is exactly what you need.  

Why choose CfA?

Centre for Assessment is a national certification body, with many years’ experience. We’re qualified to facilitate an in-depth assessment process that results in your organisation achieving PAS 2060 certification.

Behind our professionalism is a friendly team who’ll get to know your business and deliver a service that suits your individual needs. With our flexibility and your best interests at heart, your certification process is in the right hands.

PAS 2060 Insights
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