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Meet The Team

A message from our Executive Director: Chris Jones

I’ve worked across various parts of our parent company since 2009 and have been responsible for operational delivery and then strategic management of our assessment and certification services. Before that I’ve had roles in a housing association and the NHS, often with responsibility for implementing quality standards and preparing for external assessment against these.

Centre for Assessment certifies organisations to a range of standards, providing reassurance that they are safe and well-managed organisations to their staff, their customers and the communities and sectors they serve

At Centre for Assessment, we offer assessment in a range of standards and certifications – some that focus on specific sectors and some that support all types of organisations.  We seek to approach our customers individually – understanding their needs and organisational priorities.

We want to make a positive difference to the organisations we work with and recognise that the best way to achieve this is to work in partnership with our customers – so stronger together. By working closely with each customer we ensure our services meet their needs and that we are doing the right thing. We welcome and regularly review feedback from our customers, and seek to build on our success when that feedback is positive and empower our people to fix things when it isn’t.

proud to be part of The Growth Company