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4 Psychological Risks That Might Be Affecting Your Team’s Wellbeing
Knowing the difference and approaching situations accordingly helps to minimise potential threats before they develop, and improves mental wellbeing. Here, we highlight four of the most common psychological risks to be aware of. 24/11/21
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Embrace Diversity & Inclusion At Your Law Firm With IS0 30415
In recent years, legal bodies have taken a firm stance on diversity & inclusion, as the industry starts to give the matter the attention and focus it deserves. Below, we discuss all that encompasses D&I, and highlight why embracing the initiative with open arms will benefit your law firm on numerous levels. 10/08/21
The Consequences Of Poor Information Security Management – Is It Worth It?
In a world where digital and physical intrusion is all too common, information security management (ISM) is crucial to safeguarding your assets and data. Yet it’s something many businesses overlook. Putting it off may save you time and money in the short term, but eventually, you’ll suffer the consequences. 26/07/23
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Can You Afford Not to Invest in Lexcel Accreditation?
Lexcel accreditation has been around since 1998, and these days it’s pretty much expected that most law firms will have it. Not only does it show that you’re dedicated to providing best practice and are compliant with the requirements of the Standard – it’s also a clear indicator that you’re a trusted legal firm. So, you can’t really afford to be without it. 22/06/21
What To Expect From Your GWO Certification Body
Below, we’ve outlined the key things to expect from your provider so you can ensure you deliver a high standard of GWO-certified training, and receive a level of service that benefits your organisation. 14/06/21
4 Benefits Of ISO 14001 Certification To Boost Your Environmental Responsibility
ISO 14001 certification is based on a credible Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to having a positive impact on the planet. Below, we highlight a handful of the key benefits that this certification can bring to your business. 07/06/21
Returning to The Office? Don’t Forget to Make First Aid Arrangements
In the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, it states that you must supply sufficient (and suitable) first aid equipment, facilities, and people. This is to ensure that anyone who’s injured or taken ill receives immediate help. Not only that, it’s also recommended that these skills are kept up to date through annual refresher courses, so it’s worth checking when your first aider last took part in training.
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What Is GWO Training and Why Should You Become A Provider?
Here we’ll bring you up to speed on what GWO training is, outline the benefits of becoming a provider, and share how Centre for Assessment can help you to achieve the certification you need.
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