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How The New Net Zero Council And PAS 2060 Are Driving The UK’s Green Transition

As the climate emergency intensifies, so does the government’s drive to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Industry plays an integral role here, with the capabilities to harness powerful innovations that propel us towards net zero. But more could be done…

That’s where the Net Zero Council comes in – and in this blog, we’ll explore how the Council will support industry on their green ambitions. You’ll also discover how gaining PAS 2060 certification can help bring your green goals into focus and prove your commitment to carbon neutrality.


The Net Zero Council: a summary

The Net Zero Council is a ‘coming together’ of government and world leaders in finance, energy, and tech. Their aim is to support industry in cutting their emissions and developing greener practices, and in May 2023 they held their first meeting, in a bid to ‘drive forward industry’s transition to net zero’.

From research and development, to construction and manufacturing, there’s huge potential for industry sectors to power the green transition through cutting-edge, future-proof initiatives. The Council aims to enable these by lifting barriers and establishing cross-sector connections – ultimately clearing the pathway to net zero.

What's more, the UK’s world-leading position in renewables presents a fruitful opportunity for economic growth. To maximise on this, the Council will represent ‘one coherent voice across government’. PAS 2060 certification will surely serve as a strong foundation for change here. Let’s take a look at how it's gaining traction across industry.


Certifying carbon neutrality

Published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), PAS 2060 is the only internationally recognised specification for organisational carbon neutrality. With it, companies can quantify their carbon footprint and take the necessary steps to reduce emissions. Plus, through certified offsetting, there’s an opportunity to support climate finance projects that add social and environmental value, while demonstrating a commitment to climate action.

The specification is already proving popular amongst a number of big players looking to accelerate their green ambitions. Take Formula E, for example. In June 2023 they became the first global sports organisation to align with the specification, setting a precedent for similar outfits to do the same.

Other examples include GW Highways, the first UK highways contractor to go fully carbon neutral; the University of Plymouth; and Aston Martin, who aims to achieve PAS 2060 certification by the end of 2023. And with its instrumental global recognition and clear framework to ‘measure, reduce and offset’ climate impact, it’s no surprise that organisations are following suit.


Choose Centre for Assessment

PAS 2060 will be a key pillar in the UK’s efforts towards net zero – across industry and beyond. To help you meet the specification as efficiently as possible, you’ll need a leading certification provider you can trust. Look no further than Centre for Assessment.

For more information about PAS 2060, and to discover how our experts can equip you with cost-efficient strategies to reach carbon neutrality, visit our certification page. Or if you have any questions, speak to our friendly team today.

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