Business Writing Skills

Your written communication says everything about your organisation. This practical workshop begins by analysing five vital barriers that prevent successful communication between writers and readers.

Confident business writers use words and grammar as the tools of their trade. They avoid repetition and jargon - and understand the effective subtleties of adverbs, pronouns, prepositions and split infinitives. They avoid the pitfalls of incorrect punctuation and instead use it to guide their readers.

Too often written communication is muddled. This workshop shows you how to write informative openings, make clear points and write effective endings. You’ll also learn how to keep correspondence simple and concise to create a professional image.

Discover how to write clear and concise reports, that are relevant, logical and accurate

Many reports are too detailed – most readers just want a concise summary. Reports must be clear about why they were written and present information in a digestible format. They must adhere to the terms of reference and be at the right level for the reader. Write with greater confidence and clarity and be informative, persuasive and assertive.

In today’s business environment of information overload, it’s vital that communications are clear, concise and effective. The better your business writing skills, the more able you will be to take full advantage of new and emerging technologies.

This workshop covers
  • Writing styles and effective business English
  • Persuasive writing and rhetorical awareness
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Overcome blank page syndrome
  • Passive and active written communications
  • Objective and subjective written evaluation
  • Using the ‘Fog’ index - sentence construction
  • Layout and presentation
  • Reports, e-mail and letter writing
  • Written responses to complaints
  • Successful planning and construction of your documents
  • Practical exercises
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