Practical Leadership

Essential Skills for Team Leaders

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As an employer, your staff are your most important asset.  The starting point for them is as soon as they start with you.  For them to be productive your team leaders need the skills to make this transition into your organisation, the team and the role as smooth as possible: and continue to be a supportive element to team members.

Develop your coaching techniques to develop your staff

Effective Team Leaders need to be able to develop others.  Recognise the difference between coaching and training and when each is appropriate.  Learn the techniques of effective coaching.

Manage more effectively through constructive feedback

Constructive feedback gives focus to employees, helping them direct their work so that the organisation achieves its strategic goals. Unfortunately, though, many team leaders struggle with providing constructive feedback. They often commit one of three sins—omitting, minimising, or exaggerating feedback—only to find that an issue grows rapidly because they’ve failed to address it or have misaddressed.

This workshop covers
  • The role and the characteristics of the Team Leader in developing others
  • The key elements to effective team integration and support systems
  • Establishing clear foundations and expectations for individuals
  • Understand how people learn.
  • Training and coaching techniques to enable the team members’ to fulfil their potential
  • Techniques for delivering constructive feedback to motivate others and promote positive attitudes
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